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Being "Relentless" means demanding more of yourself than anyone else could demand of you, knowing that every time you stop, you can still do more. You MUST do more.

To be the best, whether in sports or anything else, it’s never enough to just be on top. The thing is you need to stay there and then you have to push higher, because there is always someone right behind you who will take your place.


Unfortunately too many people today are comfortable or are okay to settle for just being good or okay. Blending in with the crowd.

Why would you settle for just good when you can be Great!

Don’t settle for less than your worth.

If you know deep down that you can do better with yourself- career, emotional state, lifestyle and so on then you MUST keep reading..

One of the main reasons we launched the New Relentless Range at the end of 2018 is because we wanted to end the year with a BIG BANG! We wanted you to wear your New RELENTLESS Tees and Tanks, and feel powerful and unstoppable approaching the big 2019!

Before we begin let’s get one thing straight- This isn’t your typical motivation type article where you read, feel inspired and then 2 months later you go back to your old ways.


Gosh, how annoying is it going to be at the gym in the first 2months of the year? Packed at the beginning of the year then it slowly fades. Don’t be one of those people!

It’s just about having the discipline to stick to it for the long run. This is the main reason why people don’t succeed. Waiting for someone or something to light your fire won’t get you anywhere.

So how are you going to get there?

I am going to share with you the 5 secret mental attributes to help you become RELENTLESS in every aspect of your life.

So it’s time to roll up your sleeves.

First mental attribute) is to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY! And What I mean by taking responsibility is taking charge of your own life in every aspect you can think of.

So this means, no more excuses, no one to blame but yourself. If you are running a business and your employee makes a mistake it’s your responsibility to help that person fix it up, it’s your responsibility to take charge and train that person some more.

This particular topic is extremely hard to tap into because of the simple fact that we have obtained bad habits over time which causes us to judge, blame, criticize and become lazy.

So it’s time to drop the excuses and take ownership.

And this, my friends is a big secret to living a RELENTLESS LIFE! #TakingResponsibility

Second mental attribute) is to BE AUTHENTIC. What I mean by this is to stop comparing, and start living. Don’t try and become Instagram famous or whatever by doing what everyone else is doing. I get that you want more followers and I encourage you to make it happen but by being AUTHENTIC only. Be loud, be weird in your own way, share a story of yours, just be you. There is no need to worry about critics, honestly if someone is judging you then it means you’re doing something right. If no one is judging you then you are just blending with the crowd.

Just be yourself and show off your true RELENTLESS colours! #BeAuthentic

Third mental attribute) is to PUSH YOURSELF HARDER THAN EVER BEFORE! Make it a MUST to CHALLENGE YOURSELF EVERY DAY to be comfortable with being UNCOMFORTABLE. Push past the fear so that in a matter of no time it will no longer be Fear that holds you back from doing something that will grow you.

If it is a fear of yours it’s time to pull up your sleeves, recruit your courage and just do it anyway! #PushYourself

A great example is pushing yourself that little bit harder at the gym. When Mohammed Ali was asked how many sit ups he does? He said “I don’t count, I only count when it starts hurting.” Amazing quote to live by… 

Fourth mental attribute) is to STAY FOCUSED. Keep your goals in front of you any chance you get and be damn specific on your goals too. Don’t just have a goal of losing 10kg. When do you want to lose this weight by? How are you going to go about losing the weight? Personal trainer? A diet plan? BE SPECIFIC and keep your EYES ON THAT GOAL.

What I also find helps is to keep success in front of you. For example, listen to podcasts, watch YouTube videos, read books, and network with those who have achieved the same goal or a similar goal. Do whatever it takes and #StayFocused  

The Final mental attribute) is DON’T BACK DOWN. If you have a goal or something you’re after you should act on it straight away. Start reaching out to people and ask for advice, guidance or if they can help your journey.

Though be very careful of the type of beliefs you absorb from others. This also goes back to my previous point of staying focused. Keep success in front of you always. Not failure, not negativity. If someone has something bad to say, it’s best just to walk away where possible or just let them blabber and don’t feed their negativity.

I don’t encourage negativity I also am not a rude person, so I just listen and let them blast away. But I do not absorb.

If you truly want something in life just go get it. Don’t worry about what others say, you are RELENTLESS and your actions will speak loud! So #DontBackDown

You are the lead character of your own story. Unfortunately you don’t have the ability to change the past but you certainly have the ability to take charge what you’re present and future story reads. So be RELENTLESS in your pursuit of your journey ahead. #BERELENTLESS

I have a gift for you, to say thanks for taking your time to read this. If this article has helped you in your pursuit of being Relentless I would like to offer you a sweet 15% off our New RELENTLESS Tops and Tanks! You earned it!

Use the code: BERELENTLESS

Thanks for reading, now go smash your goals!

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