How To Improve Your Self-Discipline

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How To Improve Your Self-Discipline

Self-discipline is the number one trait needed to accomplish goals, lead a healthy lifestyle, and ultimately, be happy.

For most of us, self-discipline is a work in progress wrapped up with good intentions, procrastination, and feelings of failure, and not every day will go as planed, but it’s a part of the process. We fail, we learn, we adjust. Sometimes you may have a bad day but don't let that deter you from staying on tracking and staying disciplined.

Have a look at the Discipline vocabulary down below for a better understanding and little extra inspiration followed by a guide on how to become more self-disciplined in your own life.

Self control: The ability to control oneself, in particular ones emotions and desires especially in difficult situations.

Willpower: Control exerted to do something or restrain impulses.

Strength: The quality of state of being physically strong.

Persistence: The ability to stick with something.

Focus: What you concentrate and pay close attention to.

Your Guide on How to Become More Self-Disciplined

First of all this will not be easy, it will be difficult, but you will be rewarded tremendously if you stay persistent and focussed. Enjoy.

When wanting to become more self-disciplined we do not want to start by making drastic changes. This is very common, and also sets us up to fail. It’s like making an overweight person who has never trained in their life do burpees.

You need to Start Small.  Taking small steps at a time makes a big difference in the long run. You will begin to notice bad habits turn into successful habits, and that’s what we want. Looking at every day as a chance to be better will always help in the long run.

You need to gain Momentum.
I'ts best to get the ball rolling first, by setting small, easy targets every day that are achievable. The easier and simple the daily goals and targets are the more likely you are going to achieve them. If you do this every day, you will gain momentum to take on bigger targets.

You need to keep Success in your Circle.
When wanting to become more self-disciplined it is absolutely vital to be self-aware of your surroundings and who you let into your circle.

You need to distinguish the positives, negatives, what’s driving you and what’s dragging you down.

Surround yourself with only the best- get yourself a mentor, listen to podcasts to and from work, read more, learn a new skill every day, only talk good about others, and etc. If you keep success in front of you, you will notice your circle will become full of positivity, and growth. You can then slowly weed out the negatives and what is dragging you down.

You need to put your Health as a Top Priority.
When wanting to become more self-disciplined it’s important you are functioning at optimal levels. Your health is extremely important for functionality, wellbeing, and energy. If you are eating junk food regularly, you will feel sluggish, and you won’t be able to function at optimal levels.  

Eat healthy nutritious foods, and exercise regularly. Allow this to become a habit of yours that does not require any thought, its just part of your daily routine. 

You need to Remove Temptations
Get rid of all the distractions getting in your way to get the task at hand finished. For many of us our cell phone is our biggest distraction, so when you need to focus put your cell phone out of arms reach.

Another big temptation is food, if you are addicted to some unhealthy foods such as chocolates, do not buy it. Simple. Get it out of your kitchen. If that’s too hard, buy only a small amount that can get you through the week.

The less temptations you have around you, the easier it is to not give in.

Hope you found the guide informative and helpful. Apply the strategies and see for yourself your self-discipline improve.

Working on your self-discipline is not easy; it’s a skill that needs to be worked on every day. Be consistent, stay focused, you will get there. Goodluck.

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