How To Improve Your Energy Levels

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How To Improve Your Energy Levels



Bad posture, low energy and a lack of confidence in your appearance creates a negative perception of yourself, your work, and the people around you. If you change your attitude by changing your posture, you’ll discover that the action your body takes is a result of your mind taking action also. And it only takes a second to change each position. That’s one second to adjust your physiology which will result in an instant change of your emotional state. So deciding to adjust your posture will instantly make you feel better about yourself. And that is just one example.

A study conducted by Harvard University talked about power positions. If you stand up right now and place your hands on your hips and focus on deep breathing for 2 minutes your testosterone will increase by 20% (for both men and women), your cortisol will decrease by 22% and you are 33% more likely to take action. What a difference! By changing your physiological state you produce energy which will allow you to feel mentally and physically better, which in turn will keep you productive and focused on the task at hand.

Here are some other ways to help you boost your energy levels instantly:
- Jump up and down or skip on the spot
- Quick stretches 
- Meditate (focus on deep breathing and energising thoughts)
- Positive affirmations
- Go for a walk or run

Some suggestions for a sustained approach to improving energy:
- Remain in motion
- Proper nutrition 
- Maintain a healthy weight

Body in Motion
A body at rest stays at rest, a body in motion stays in motion, unless acted on by unbalanced force – that’s Newton’s laws of motion. Let’s break it down.

An object at rest stays at rest, so if you have been laying on the couch for hours and/or mindlessly playing on your phone, it’s going to be hard to gain momentum to actually get up and do something, because your brain is on a mental hiatus. For you to actually get up and do something worthwhile an unbalanced force must occur. 

When in motion however, it is important to recognise the momentum you have built and keep it going. Do not derail yourself with distractions such as checking your social media or watching a silly video, etc. Keep building on that momentum, think of it as a snowball effect. The more energy you put in that momentum the bigger it builds.

When referring to “being in motion” we are talking about productive actions that are contributing to your goals or betterment of yourself; being physical, psychological or another form of personal growth.

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