Pressure Is A Privilege

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Pressure Is A Privilege

Billie Jean King, a Tennis hall of famer once said, "Pressure is a Privilege."

Do you find yourself embracing pressure or avoiding it?

When someone puts pressure on you it means they believe in you enough to know you can deliver under the most difficult circumstances and produce the most amazing results. It can unlock so much potential inside of you.

A situation that is classified as having pressure is when a lot is expected to be done in a very limited period of time. Some individuals invite pressure into their lives on a regular basis because they understand the advantages and the potential involved, and some people crumble when under pressure and avoid it as much as possible.

It’s important to understand how the mind works and the thought process behind our feeling towards pressure. If we reframe our mind into thinking that pressure is a privilege rather than a burden we will begin to see the world differently. We will begin to tackle on daily tasks with much enthusiasm and perseverance. You will begin to have a greater outlook on life and be ready to handle any challenges that come your way.

Why is it important to put ourselves under difficult and uncomfortable situations more often?

- Pressure exposes Potential: Some people's potential and capacity is always hidden until enough pressure comes their way, only then do you get to see the amount of things that the person can accomplish.

- Pressure can cause Massive Growth: When under pressure no matter what the outcome is you can look back and see where things have gone wrong and where things have gone right. You know for next time on what to do and what not to do.

- Pressure Purifies: Under pressure, you tend to discard unnecessary thoughts and distractions because you are focussed only at the task at hand.

- Pressure teaches Organisation and Planning: Sometimes when there is no pressure, preparation and planning are not necessarily thought out or initiated effectively because it’s thought not to be really needed.

- Pressure creates Peak Performance: Under pressure, the muscles gets to work and produce enough power to propel the body into action mode providing the power that the body needs to move. During this peak state it wouldn’t matter how little sleep or food you had because you are totally in your zone. 

So how about you, will you start embracing pressure or avoid it? 

I hope this article has changed your perspective on pressure and why we should invite it more often into our lives. There is so much room to grow and develop as human beings and it all starts with daily challenges that push us that little step further in life.

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