Taking Charge Of Your 2019

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Taking Charge Of Your 2019

The most effective approach to kick start your 2019 is to TAKE CHARGE!

We tend to get caught up with the opinions of others and norms of today’s society we forget about our desires, dreams, and drivers. We forget to ask ourselves the simple question – What are we living for?

In a forever changing world, time will not stop for us. If we are not careful with how we spend our time, we tend to merely exist and not really LIVE.

So if you have written down some goals for this year, its time you added “Taking Charge” to your list. You will not be able to work towards achieving your goals if you do not start taking charge right now.

To start taking charge you need to trust your decisions and choices you make in life. Stop putting things off because you are not sure or waiting for someone else to make the decision for you.

Believe and trust that your decision is good and will work.

Secondly, you need to get those silly thoughts out of your head that every decision you make is always wrong or never works out. Some common sayings or thoughts are:
- Always me
- I told you
- It’s not worth it
- I am not bothered
- It’s too late

This is the “Victim’s Mentality” and it does not serve you well in life! If you find yourself saying these kind of comments to yourself or to others it ends now. Swap those silly thoughts and sayings with more like these:
- This is challenging me
- It’s never too late
- I will try again
- Maybe this is something I need to work on
- Just give it ago

That brings us to the importance of taking action.  If you have an idea, act on it. Most of the time when you put things off it’s usually because you are not comfortable and end up convincing yourself to not go for it, you rather play on the safe side. It’s time that you get out of your comfort zone and take charge of your life.

To start taking charge you need to put yourself first. Stop putting everyone else’s needs before your own. If you're constantly bending over backward for a friend, or taking on more than your share at work, you won't have enough time to devote to nurturing your relationship with yourself. Setting better boundaries in relationships and at work will help you create more space in your life to make your own goals a priority.

Lastly, take small steps towards change. If you are after change in your life, do not go flipping your life over in a matter of a day, it won’t work. Take small steps daily changing one thing at a time. For example, if you want to lose weight- avoid the fad diets, and take small steps that will put you in the right direction.

You can start taking charge of your life and making positive changes from following these suggested tips right now.

There is no better time to begin, because we can change any circumstance, good or bad to how we would like to think, feel and what steps to take next. That is the power of taking charge. I hope that this article inspires you to make the necessary changes in your life, to own your life and your actions that come with it.

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