The DIET that lets you eat Pizza and Donuts!!!

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The DIET that lets you eat Pizza and Donuts!!!

Think diet and you probably think of giving up all your favourite foods and living off chicken and broccoli for the rest of your days.

Think again…

One of the biggest problems with restrictive dieting is that we deprive ourselves so much that we end up falling off the wagon and go on a binge fest. And of course feel terrible after and have to start all over again on Monday.  

This isn’t sustainable, nor healthy.

Here are my 5 SECRETS to staying lean and muscular without cutting out your favourite foods.

SECRET 1: Allow yourself 1 cheat meal a week so you can indulge and not feel bad. If that’s too hard for you have 2 cheat meals a week. Remember the goal is to be able to stay consistent. Do what you can stick to first.

SECRET 2: If your sugar cravings are sending you wild. Eat whatever you’re craving but say NO to more. #DISCIPLINE. Seriously, if you are craving donuts buy one only, eat it and enjoy it. 

SECRET 3: Keep your protein and fat intake high as this will keep you fuller for longer and you will have lasting energy. Most of the time when dieting we feel extremely fatigued from fewer calorie intake because of this we crave carbs and sugar. And when talking about fats, I mean foods like avocado, nuts, fish and so on.

SECRET 4: Count your calories/macros so you can include pizza and donuts. If you want a donut but are afraid, keep your calorie intake low for the day so you can make up for it when you have your favourite donut.  

SECRET 5: If you’re going to eat pizza or donuts, eat it before training so you have a burst of energy for your workout. Just be prepared for the sugar crash after. Alternatively, eat it at the end of the day as part of your last meal or dessert so you don’t get cravings to eat those foods again after.

Remember deprivation is the enemy. So depending what your goal is, make sure you start off with what you can stick to. Don’t go cutting out everything straight away if you know deep down you cannot stick to it. You will just set yourself up to fail.

So the goal is to start off small, plan your week ahead and just keep at it. Before you know it you will be seeing amazing results whilst still eating your favourite foods!

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