High Protein Homemade Pizza

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High Protein Homemade Pizza

Are you on a diet but craving pizza?

Well if so, we've got you covered!

I have created a video tutorial on how to make this pizza found here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k3eSjU_q1D0

And also I will be sharing it with everyone who is interested below.

This is a Low Calorie, High Protein Homemade Pizza which is absolutely delicious and super easy to make plus macro friendly. Enjoy! 

Total prep & cooking time approx:

Ingredients include:
1 x Wholemeal Pizza Crust
70g Tomato Paste
200g Shredded Roast Chicken
50g Mushroom
30g Spinach
50g Light Tasty Shredded Cheese
Half Onion

1serving is: 545calories (please note, in total the pizza is 2x servings)
51g Carbs
17g Fats
42g Protein

1. Preheat the oven to 220degrees.
2. Spread 70grams of Tomato Paste over the Wholemeal Pizza Crust.
3. Spread 50grams of Mushrooms over the Crust.
4. Spread 30grams worth of Spinach over the Crust.
5. Chop half an onion up and spread it over the Crust.
6. Chop 200grams worth of cooked Chicken into fine pieces and spread it over the Crust.
7. Spread 50grams worth of Light Tasty Shredded cheese over the Crust.
8. Place the Pizza in the oven until golden; it will typically take between 5-10min.
9. Serve and enjoy!!

Feel free to get creative and customize the recipe to fit your macro needs.

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