New Year, Fresh Start.

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New Year, Fresh Start.

How to get yourself back on track-

You know the drill.
You're home for the holidays, and there's a food storm brewing in the kitchen. After hours of waiting while irresistible aromas waft into the living room, it's finally time for dinner. Maybe it's turkey, maybe ham or roast beef.

I am aloud to indulge this festive season right?

And really is it even that bad. Protein is beside the point. The meat will help my muscles grow.  And vegetables, there are loads of vegetables and so many nutrients right?

Yeah, right.

It's all about the mashed potatoes, stuffing’s, casseroles, pies and the 15 other variations on the theme of starch — and you have to try them all.

So now holiday season is almost over and you can’t stop picking at all the left overs and all the chocolates you got as presents. Is it just me or are you feeling a little stuck in a rut.

How do you stop yourself?
How to you get back to normal?
I know its hard, but it must be done. Say it outloud if you must.

Here are 6 tips to get yourself back into your daily grind:

Tip 1. Dump the bad foods:
So all that left over food, all those extra chocolates lying around the house. No it’s not a sign you should keep eating them. They need to go, go for good. Give them away if you must. Better on someone else’s hips and belly, right? 

Tip 2. Ditch the guilt:
It’s time to accept that we overate and move on. It’s okay to over indulge every now and then. It’s Christmas, give yourself a break.

Tip 3. Set goals:
Remember New Year, fresh start. Write down your fitness goals. Keep them accessible, so it can be a constant reminder. Hold yourself accountable for those goals.

Tip 4. Start a new training routine:
Change up your schedule, include more high intensity training (HIT) into your routine. A change is always good.

Tip 5.  Meal prep:
Have your meals ready and set out for the week. Over prepare yourself so you don’t feel as though you need to bring extra snacks just in case.

Tip 6. H2O:
Keep a water bottle on you at all times. Drink as much as you can throughout the day to keep your stomach full and well hydrated.

Now I know these tips sound simple and obvious, but they are all so overlooked. Don’t ignore the tips, they will help you. Good luck.

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