Massimo - The Paralympic Sprinter

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Massimo - The Paralympic Sprinter

Massimo Giandinoto

Paralympic Sprinter.

Born in Turin, Italy 1986.

Freak Athletiq - Massimo Paralympic Athlete runningFreak Athletiq - Massimo Paralympic Sprinter

During his early childhood, Massimo had followed a normal life like most kids. Until in the year 1995, where at the young age of 9, he had started experiencing a serious health problem.

Doctors had noticed a cancerous tumour growing in his left foot, for which in November that year he had undergone surgery.

To save his leg, the surgeons had to amputate the left foot.

Even though his day to day life was completely altered at such a young age, he did not lose his optimism, character and fire within.

He remained strong and had a growing will to fight.

After a series of long and painful sessions of therapy, finally, in February the following year, he gets his first prosthesis and finds himself again having to learn to walk.

His desire to "DO" overwhelms all the pain he has been through and all the pains he continues to experience.

Activities such as running, jumping, cycling, skating (and even walking to an extent) causes him pain through haematomas and infections.

But he remains strong, he pushes through and pays no regard to the pain.

Freak Athletiq - Massimo Paralympic Athlete

"There is no reason to stop!" he says.

"Now, it will be just more of a climb.... Take the worst pains life throws at you and transform it for the better.."

So he did.. The suffering and discomfort were just a mere memory for him.

A memory, he knows now, where he had to start again.. He had to dial in and bring out the strength in him, that he did not know he had prior to the suffering.

Life tests us with adversities, it brings out unknown strengths that we have..

At the age of 19, Massimo succeeds, finally after many sacrifices to get a prosthesis with a foot in carbon fiber which allows for greater mobility.

In September 2013, the Milano Association: Youable of Milan creates a carbon foot race, and with the professionalism and passion of it's Orthopedic Technician, David De Martinis of the Orthantic Workshop in Turin, Massimo is able to leave his Athletic Lightweight division, and enrol in the Atletico Piedmont Society.

With the support of Claudio Lastella and the Polisportiva Milanese Society, and with his coach Chiara Ansaldi Salto (3x European Champion) by his side, he is able to compete in Paralympics.

Massimo running

After a few races, Massimo manages to hit the necessary requirements to qualify for the Finals in the Paralympic Italian Championships held in Grosseto 2014, where he had won 2nd place in both 100 meter and 200 meter sprints.

Massimo sprinting

He did not miss his chance to try any of the other sports also, even rafting. 

Massimo claims, "every occasion is good to try something new and test yourself. You have to think that you can push yourself to go further, because only in that moment can you understand how important it is for your life, to be the best you can be."

Freak Athletiq - Massimo Paralympic Athlete deep thought

"I fly on the wings of a dream..."

Massimo trains 6 days per week with a mixture of athletics training and weights, and has a wish to inspire people, that like him have experienced difficult times through adversities in their lives.

Freak Athletiq - Massimo Paralympic Athlete lifting weightsFreak Athletiq athlete Massimo inspiring kids with adversity

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