Getting Back Into The Gym!

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Getting Back Into The Gym!

With the gyms re opening across many parts of the world, there are a few things we need to keep in mind whilst we get back into the groove of things.

A good majority of us have had so much time off from the gym; some of us have had no access to equipment or very minimal access, some of us have had to follow strict self-isolation rules and stay inside (meaning less movement). Lastly, there are also a good handful of people who have gotten too comfortable and put on extra body fat. Whatever scenario you may fall under, it’s important to remember these points I am going to share with you as you begin returning back to the gym.

Slow & Steady

The excitement about being back at gym and wanting to go on every machine is tempting. The thing is however, over the past few months your body has taken a rest from heavy resistance training, you would of lost muscle and strength during this period. If you go all out in your first few days back, you are going to be extremely sore, and your nervous system is going to take a big hit and you will fill extremely fatigued. Not to mention you would have lost form.

What you need to consider:

- Avoid heavy compound movements when starting back and stick to the machine based exercises. Machines will help you grasp good form, and avoid injury. You will likely target certain muscle groups you haven’t worked on in a while, so machine based exercises will wake those muscles up.

- Take it slow, avoid heavy weights and stick to relatively high rep range. You want your muscles and joints to ease back into it, not be in massive shock.  

Stretch More

Stretch for longer than usual for both static and dynamic. You’re going to feel relatively tight getting back into training, a good quality stretch throughout your workout and at the end will help you recover and engage your muscles more, and you are also going to decrease the chances of injury.

Stretching after your session is going to help you recover faster, and improve your flexibility.


The world has just gone through a major pandemic. And if the virus has taught us anything it is to be more aware of personal hygiene. We are told to wash our hands regularly, clean and disinfect surfaces before and after use, and practice social distancing.

We were also told that that gyms are a high risk place for germs due to large gatherings of people, and the frequently touching and the use of machines. So from all these findings it is important to practice good hygiene, and social distancing in crowded areas.

What you need to be doing:

- Wipe down equipment before and after use, especially if you are sweating. If you are sweating than double the amount of disinfectant you are using.

- Bring your towel and use it. The behind section of the towel (stitched up side) should be placed on the equipment you are using. The other side (font side with the patterns and colours) is used for your body only. Try not to switch sides.

- Avoid getting down on the floor and stretching. That’s where hundreds of people walk throughout a day, who knows what they have stepped in! Use a mat instead.

Although these 3 points I have mentioned may come across as common sense, but you may be surprised how many people have forgotten the simplest rules to follow at the gym. Practice them, and lead by example. Anyway enjoy your return back to the gym, and let the gains begin!

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