About Us

Everyone Has Their Own Story..
What's Yours?

Redefine Yourself.

Freak Athletiq is a fitness apparel brand, but more than just that; we are forming a community of driven individuals who want to better themselves.

Created in 2017 by the founders Filip and Elizabeth with an idea of wanting to help and support others in there fitness journeys, they formed a brand that can resonate with hardcore individuals pushing themselves through their limits and not holding back.

Working with a vision to inspire others through stories of triumph over hardships they have faced as well as the unique athletes that make up the Freak Athletiq team.

We believe everyone has a unique story to share and has the ability to inspire others that may relate to their story.


Freak Athletiq You Against You

Our Core Mission

There are too many athletes with unique and inspiring stories that go unnoticed to the general public due to the 'NOISE' in the Fitness Industry.

We want to give those individuals a voice so that they can inspire others in their fitness journeys.

We believe everyone has their own unique story of why they are the person they are today.  It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from or if you are a beginner or expert. Your story is unique, so own it!

Here at Freak Athletiq we bring inspiration through the use of people’s stories who have gone through great adversities in their life. Who have battled on with strength and triumph! Who grind every day, no matter what they are going through!

By wearing our logo you are a part of our community committed to unlocking your full potential so you too, can triumph over everything in your life.

Freak Athletiq